Queering the Cyborg as a Strategy
of Transgender Disidentification

When Words Meet Images: Art History & Visual Culture Symposium
Columbia College Chicago, 2022

Arca & Frederik Heyman, still from “Nonbinary,”
video and photogrammetry animation, 2020, XL Recordings ︎

Book cover; Monsters and Monstrosity in Media: Reflections on Vulnerability.Available online at Vernon Press ︎

Essay included in

Monsters and Monstrosity in Media: Reflections on Vulnerability

Edited by Yeojin Kim and Shane Carreon, published March 2024 by Vernon Press.

Presenting various thinkings along the lines of the body and its representations as cultural text, together with popular or recent media productions showing various bodies deemed to be monstrous as they either cross conventionally held borders or stay in liminal spaces such as between human-animal, human-machine, virtual bodies-corporeal flesh, living-death, and other permeable borders, this volume looks into the on-screen constructions of the monster and monstrosity not only as they represent notions of difference, perceived (non)belongings, and disruptions of traditional identity markers, but also as they either conceal various vulnerabilities or implicitly endorse violence towards the labeled Other.